Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First Link

Leaving aside (for the moment) Calvin Trillin's Beautiful Spot: The Magazine of Parking, who knew that there really was a magazine called Parking Today? Its editor is John Van Horn, and he is based in San Francisco, where the parking problems are worse than in Manhattan. He is also a dedicated Shoupista, which, from what I gather, is the belief that if cities charged high rates for on-street parking, there would always be spots available. My own religion, of course, is Alternate Side Parking, which embraces all faiths and observes the holidays of all nations.


erieblue said...

How about those cities that have cars available to rent by the hour or day with a credit card? Portland maybe? You just find it by the road and leave it wherever (or that was my impression after the NPR segment I heard).

lucette said...

Yay for the link. I was going to email you and say how to do it, but then I forgot.