Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nose Doctor

So I went to the ENT, or ear-nose-and-throat doctor—a.k.a. the otorhinolaryngologist, for you classicists out there—and was very taken by his tissue dispenser. Turns out I have tinnitus (not to be confused with Tintinitis, a reaction to Belgian cartoon characters).


erieblue said...

So many remarks were evoked by this entry--Sofia!!! Also, loved the article on Tintin in the NY. Lastly, does this mean you hear a noise all the time?

MJN/NYC said...

I'm trying not to make too big a deal out of it, because tinnitus can drive a person crazy. I hear fluorescent lights humming and one day come to figure out : ain't no fluorescent lights. Seems like the only thing a person can do is distract herself, or always have music on, or white noise of some kind. I've even (briefly) appreciated the rumbling of my neighbor's air-conditioner, because at least it isn't coming from inside my head. The good news is that there's no hearing loss in the conversational range. So I can stop blaming my incomprehension of Italian on my hearing and try studying for a change.