Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I went out to Rockaway last weekend for the first time in months. The bungalow had not burned down, and in fact I had left it fairly neat. I said hello to the dog across the way, Sam, and to the cat down the walk, Buster, and visited with a few neighbors, and raked and bagged leaves. I got there just in time for the first forsythia blossom. The forsythia is going to be amazing this year.

I was also delighted to see that my favorite gossip columnist, Dorothy Dunne, is back in the Wave, and that she is in good form. On St. Patrick's Day, she went to see Cherish the Ladies, "an astonishing array of virtuosity, instrumental, vocals and stunning step dancing," she writes. "It was an interesting and enjoyable program, a little long."

I have been cleaning my links, and added a new one: Cook the Wolf, a food blog by the highly entertaining Emily Nunn, who lives and eats turnips in Chicago.

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erieblue said...

What a great picture. You can't beat renewal.