Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pergola Emergency

Can you almost smell it? I was trying to describe the smell of wisteria to someone last weekend . . . and all I could come up with was "floral." Later I thought, Candy? It's light, sweet, with just a whiff of decadence. My bumper crop is desperately in need of a little support—I had no idea that flowers could be so heavy.

The rosebush is a simple beach rose, kind of blowsy-looking (as well as out of focus), but pure in scent. The bush is covered with buds for the first time—I don't know what I did right.


tricia said...

the perfume of the beach rose is in my top five "floral" scents. also: gardenia, lily of the valley, and lilac.

erieblue said...

Last year my prime and gigantic rose bush had so many roses on it that I had to move a lawn chair under one side to hold them up off the ground. I love that kind of abundance.

Roy said...

There is a great YouTube video on Wisteria pruning!


Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

choose wisely with your pergola. we had an old wooden ladder we painted, and let our wisteria grow up, and it's now crushed, by the wisteria, and we will replace it, once it's done blooming.

check craiglist, maybe there is a carpenter, looking for work, and you can get it built.