Monday, June 15, 2009

Fessing Up

The trouble with hoaxes is that once you've posted a picture of someone else's wisteria and claimed it as your own, who will ever believe that you grew this lovely yellow iris?

Now I'm waiting for the hydrangeas, and while they are making up their minds what shade of blue to be, I'm off to Amsterdam, where Baby Dee is playing the Holland Festival.

A few weeks ago, I was passing the Giant Virgin store, or whatever it's called, in Union Square and noticed that it was closing and they were selling the fixtures. So I went in and got the bin divider with Baby Dee's name on it. I was going to buy it, along with the last copy in stock of Baby Dee's compilation disk, but they refused to sell it. The divider was part of the fixtures, and only a manager could determine its price. What's a sister to do? I trudged back to the "B" section of Rock & Pop and returned Dee's album to the shelf, put the divider in my bag, and walked out disconsolately. Yes, not only do I perpetrate wisteria hoaxes on the World Wide Web and sneak into movies as a senior citizen but I am guilty of petty larceny.

I'd post a picture of my trophy, but it's not very photogenic. It's just a cheap piece of black plastic with the name "Baby Dee" on one side and the words "Hunky Dory" on the other. But who knows? When Dee is famous, it may be worth something.

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