Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Strong Stuff

Tagged with a meme by Lucette at My Novel on Toast, I am challenged to come up with five of my writing strengths. Of course, to get down to my strengths, I have to dig through all my weaknesses (lack of discipline, lack of confidence, lack of focus, lack of . . .), but here goes:

1. I have ideas. I am pretty good at having ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes I am content just to have the idea, and I never bring it to fruition.

2. I am persistent. I may put something away, but it’s going to come out again sooner or later. I still intend to get my novel published (anyone out there want to have a look at “Sofia Rampant”?) and to place a piece about Brazil.

3. I love words on every level: alphabet, origin, syntax, sound, sentence, song. Studying foreign languages has made me grateful that I’m good at English.

4. I have a good ear for understatement.

5. I have a voice. I may not like the sound of it, but it’s mine and it’s always there.

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Nobody asked, but I'm also a good parallel parker. And can take photographs with a point-and-shoot while I'm driving. And am practically an idiot savant for Catholic trivia.


lucette said...

You forgot to say that you can be very funny on the one hand, but are also good at powerful melancholy.

MJN/NYC said...

I sure don't sound very marriageable!