Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Car Show in Padua

It's true that I went to Rome to eat artichokes, but I didn't go to Padua just to eat chestnuts.

Self-portrait in Padre Pio's sideview mirror

You can read about the auction of the Ex Padre Pio Mercedes-Benz, in Padua, on October 27th, here.

The Ex Padre Pio Mercedes-Benz


I looked in vain for a display of dashboard saints. They are no more, because everything is plastic, and the saints relied on magnetism.


erieblue said...

What a fabulous looking car. Even the wrenches glow!

Kristin Ohlson said...

Heh, dashboard saints.

I heard there was a Padre Pio bobblehead. A friend swore he was getting me one for Christmas a few years ago, but I think he kept it for himself.

MJN/NYC said...

Wow. I'd sell my soul for a Padre Pio Bobblehead. I did make a point of creating many third-class relics by sitting in Padre PIo's car with all my loot from the car show. At a flea market booth, I scored a pair of fuzzy dice so that I could present a Catholic friend with the Fuzzy Dice of Padre Pio.

I also bought a Topolino T-shirt which is now a relic. I can never wash it.