Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool!

I was supposed to return to the street today, but I couldn’t bring myself to give up the garage after all.

I tried. At the beginning of the month, I gave notice at the garage, verbally and in writing, and I enclosed a note with my March bill, stating my intention to remove my car from the premises at the end of the month. But it didn’t take. For one thing, I have two months to go at the special price of $169 a month (guaranteed for six months), and that really is a good deal, such a good deal that my garage landlords apparently couldn’t believe I was serious about leaving. When I called to say I’d changed my mind and would like to stay for another month (or maybe two), it was no problem, and the April bill arrived on schedule, as if I'd never broached the subject.

I was afraid of this. Now that the Eclair has had a taste of luxury, she'll never want to go back to the street.


tricia said...

Well so, we are just back from NYC where we played the extreme parking sport and nearly lost. Disgusted after driving around and around and AROUND, I got out of the car and went for coffee, and it turns out I was the jinx: Paul immediately scored a place on East 4th and Avenue A, where we could have left the car a full 24 hours LONGER than we did.
I was most fascinated and horrified by those outdoor lots where they park the cars in slots, like mail in a staff room.

MJN/NYC said...

You should point out that you're driving an enormous station wagon.

tricia said...

A red Olds the size of a hearse. This must be worth extra points.

MJN/NYC said...

With Ohio license plates!