Friday, April 24, 2009


Question of the day: How do the editors of High Times ever make their print deadline?

Did everyone but me know that Monday, 4/20, was Marijuana Smoking Day? Apparently, because there was even an article in the Times about it. In years to come, perhaps it will be observed as Marijuana Legalization Day, but right now it’s just a day of smoking or otherwise ingesting marijuana, beginning at 4:20 P.M., and again at 5:20, 6:20, 7:20, etc. until you pass out or run out of weed.

So last Saturday I was at an undisclosed location and wondering "Where is everybody?" and I decided to say hello/goodbye to some friends, and that was when I found out where everybody was. There was a party going on in a house where the decorations were all cannabis: centerfolds from High Times (gigantic buds), a giant martini glass full of joints and lighters and rolling papers, an eight-inch spliff going around like a peace pipe, everyone wearing theme T-shirts (HIGHAGAIN instead of HEINEKEN), Grateful Dead on the stereo ... There were also baked goods, some of them spiked, including a green marijuana-leaf cake (not spiked), and a “candy bar”: a spread of chocolate-covered cherries and pistachio nuts and M&Ms and tiny peanut-butter cups—munchies paradise. How would I explain this at Weight Watchers on Monday?

Suddenly I realized, Hey, it’s not 4/20, it’s 4/18. The people at the party looked at me (from under heavy lids) like I was crazy. “4/20’s a Monday,” one of them said. “We’ll be at work.” Duh. That reminded the hostess to enjoin everyone to light up on Monday, 4/20, at 4:20, wherever we were. Where would I be on Monday? Oh, yeah—on jury duty.


Andrew said...

Jury duty while stoned sounds incredibly interesting, but also incredibly likely to induce major paranoia.

Susan T. said...

Well, that would be one way to get through jury duty!

Tracy said...

i didn't know until I read about in the news. and I agree going to jury duty stoned, might make it a tad less boring.