Thursday, December 13, 2007


Here I was sitting home reading about congestion pricing in my AAA Car & Travel magazine, holding off on my second cappuccino so that I could enjoy a cup of takeout coffee in my lovely parking spot from eight-thirty to nine, when I decided to call 311. I had seen a weather report last night on the Captivator as I was leaving the office—that’s that magic screen in the elevator, with news updates and advertising, that insures that you don’t have to talk to any of your fellow-passengers—and snow was predicted for this morning. Although no snow is yet in evidence, sure enough: the Department of Sanitation has granted me an indulgence! Alternate-side parking has been suspended due to snow removal.

I can’t help but credit the Virgin of Guadalupe for this. It is as if, in her capacity as protector of the downtrodden and Patroness of the Americas, she has made the case, albeit belatedly, to have alternate-side parking suspended for her feast day. An excellent idea! We need more Marian holidays.


David said...

A gift from and your Car&Travel mention on your blog. A list of remaining 2007 and a full 2008 schedule of alternate side parking suspensions.

Merry Christmas.

David said...

Oops! here is the uncut link.

MJN/NYC said...

Wow, thank you, David! Now I can plan ahead for next Diwali.

I wonder what would happen if I mentioned Mercedes-Benz.

erieblue said...

Is that really called a Captivator? The title seems much more exciting than the reality.