Saturday, December 29, 2007

When Parking Rules Go On Holiday

New York City's Department of Transportation has scheduled 43 days in 2008 when street parking regulations, for both street cleaning and traffic flow purposes, will be suspended for national and religious observances.

Although street-cleaning suspensions extend to metered parking spaces, you still have to deposit coins in the meters at the stated hours. The DOT has also designated six of these days as major legal holidays (*MLH), when stopping, standing and parking are permitted except in areas where stopping, standing and parking rules are in effect seven days a week (for example, "No Standing Anytime").

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2008 Alternate Side Parking Rules Suspension Calendar
Holiday Date/Day
New Year's Day* January 1, Tues
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday January 21, Mon
Ash Wednesday February 6, Wed
Asian Lunar New Year February 7, Thurs
Lincoln's Birthday February 12, Tues
Washington's Birthday (Pres.Day) February 18, Mon
Holy Thursday March 20, Thurs
Good Friday and Purim March 21, Fri
Passover: First/Second Days April 20-21, Sun-Mon
Holy Thursday (Orthodox) April 24, Thurs
Good Friday (Orthodox) April 25, Fri
Passover: Seventh/Eighth Days April 26-27, Sat-Sun
Solemnity of Ascension May 1, Thurs
Memorial Day* May 26, Mon
Shavuot: First/Second Day June 9-10, Mon-Tues
Independence Day* July 4, Fri
Feast of Assumption August 15, Fri
Labor Day* September 1, Mon
Rosh Hashanah September 30-Oct 1, Tues-Wed
Idul-Fitr October 1-3, Wed-Fri
Yom Kippur October 9, Thurs
Columbus Day October 13, Mon
Succoth: First/Second Day October 14-15, Tues-Wed
Shemini Atzereth October 21, Tues
Simchas Torah October 22, Wed
Diwali October 28, Tues
All Saints Day November 1, Sat
Election Day November 4, Tues
Veterans Day November 11, Tues
Thanksgiving Day* November 27, Thurs
Immaculate Conception December 8, Mon
Idul-Adha December 8-10, Mon-Wed
Christmas Day* December 25, Thurs

Asterisk (*) indicates Major Legal Holidays.
Alternate Side of the Street Parking Rule While street-cleaning suspensions extend to metered parking spaces, you still have to deposit coins in meters during stated hours, except on the six days designated as major legal holidays (MLH). Those six days are also the only times motorists can ignore stopping, standing and parking rules—and only at curbsides where they do not apply seven days a week (for example, a “No Standing Anytime” sign).

For information about the new, simplified Alternate Side Parking Regulations, call the Hotline: 212-CALL-DOT (225-5368) or 718-CALL-DOT (225-5368). For TTY Deaf or Hearing-Impaired, call 212-442-9488. This information is available 24 hours a day.

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