Monday, January 14, 2008

Year's First Suspension

My favorite block did not yield any spots when I got back from Rockaway last night, so I stopped at home to unload some things and was tempted to leave the car right on my block, where I would have had to move it at 7:30 this morning. But then I remembered the weather report and realized that if I went back out and found a spot, and alternate side was later suspended, I wouldn't have to fool with the car at all today. I found a spot on my street, four blocks away (the long east/west kind), behind an elderly couple who had also just found their spot and were endlessly fussing over their car—opening the trunk, closing the trunk, opening the passenger's-side door, opening the trunk again—before tucking it in for the night. It seemed very unusual for two such generous spots to be available on the same block as the car-rental agency. It is a Monday-Thursday 9:30-11 A.M. spot, which I would have to leave by 9 if I hoped to find a spot that would be good at 10.

I recently subscribed to the city's Alternate Side Parking Transportation Update, which I heartily recommend, because when I happened to check my e-mail at 7 Sunday night, there was a bulletin from the DOT (Department of Transportation): alternate side would be suspended Monday for snow removal. All night I waited for the pitter-patter of raindrops to shush into snow. I am still waiting. The six inches of snow failed to materialize, but the Mayor did not go back on his promise.

Maybe it's global warming.

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