Saturday, April 5, 2008


It's hard to leave a parking space while it's still legal. I got to my car, still safely in the space the cops had towed it to, at nine on the dot and drove off, but where there were lots of free spaces on my block last night, this morning there was nothing. I tried parking at a Muni Meter near the bank, but had only a quarter, and the Muni Meter does not deign to take less than fifty cents. Later, after parking at an old-fashioned meter, I was grumbling on my way to the bank when I saw a man testing a brand-new Muni Meter. He let me see the innards: a panel of computer circuits and a spool of paper as in a cash register. He was testing it to make sure it gave receipts. He said this one tapped into the light pole for power, and had an antenna, and that, yes, it sure will be easier to raise the rate. But he also said that the coin capacity of a Muni Meter is only about twelve or thirteen dollars. So that will be one reason people will contest tickets.

Even as I write, I have thirty minutes left on the meter right outside my door. I'm off to Provincetown, to the memorial for my friend Frank Schaefer. If you're looking for entertainment, check out the new link to Victoria Roberts' blog/podcast featuring Nona Appleby. She's hilarious.

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Nona Appleby (née Molesworth) said...

Could this fellow possibly fix my phone? Did you get a number? A lot of them moonlight.
thanks, N.A.