Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tight Spot

The Eclair did not fare so well in long-term parking at J.F.K. She has developed a whiff of mildew. Squeezing into this spot, on my second-favorite parking block (Mon. & Thurs. 7:30-8), when I got back from the airport on Monday evening, was no mean feat, but because alternate side is suspended on Thursday (and Friday), it means I don't have to move again all week.


erieblue said...

Have I already said how clearly I could not park in New York City, no matter what? I can't parallel park unless I have enough room for two cars to wiggle around in.

lucette said...

Frankly, I can't imagine how you got in there. I'm even a worse parallel parker than erie: basically, I have to be able to drive right in.

tricia said...

It looks as if the Eclair was dropped in by the hand of God!